Hello Gluten Free Frenzy readers!

This is McKella from Kella’s Kolumn and I’m excited introduce you to my very own site Handprint Soul, a blog all about becoming your best self and overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from doing that. These obstacles can be as simple as an undiagnosed food allergy (it’s hard to fulfill your true potential if you’re sick all the time!) or as complex as a lifetime of fear and self-esteem issues. I created Handprint Soul to chronicle my own journey overcoming my own challenges and thereby help my readers overcome theirs.

After we understand and learn to manage the challenges that limit us, what do we do with ourselves? This is where the Handprint List comes in. We’ve all heard of a bucket list, which is simply a list of things we’d like to do in our lives. The Handprint List is so much more. This is a list of things that sound like fun to us, but also changes we’d like to make in the world, goals we want to accomplish and what we want to be remembered for. It’s our legacy!
Each of us is as unique as a handprint, and Handprint Soul is all about finding your own handprint and leaving it on the world.
So, what do you dream of doing with your life? What’s your true purpose and potential? What gives you the most joy? Who do you want to become?
Come check out Handprint Soul for great information on overcoming your personal roadblocks and reaching your potential. Here’s just a few examples:
Dealing with stress and fear
Discovering and developing your unique gifts
Natural health and wellness
Nurturing your creativity
Learning what brings you joy
On the first day of every month (or the second if the first falls on a Sunday) I’ll update Kella’s column with a sample from Handprint Soul, and if you like what you read, you can click over and keep going!
I look forward to seeing you all on Handprint Soul!