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Girl holding modern flower arrangements
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DIY Modern Flower Arrangements $15

Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time30 mins
Keyword: arrangements, flower, modern
Servings: 2 flower arrangements
Cost: $30 total, $15 each


  • two vases
  • pruning schears


  • 2 dozen white Costco roses
  • white flower and greenery Costco bouquet (Greenery, Calla lilies, White hydrangeas and a few other wild flowers)


  • Once you've picked up your flowers, take them home and remove all the wrapping and elastic bands. Get your vase out and you're ready for arranging.
  • Here I use a short vase arrangement. However, I was also able to make an even bigger, tall bouquet with the remaining flowers after this one was done.
  • Next step is to cut the stems and place them one at a time in the vase as you like. 
  • I prefer to start with a little bit of greenery then add a few roses. I suggest cutting the stems differently so that you have height and width variation. It's very trending to do wide arrangements that flow out to the sides over the vase rather than straight up. So don't be afraid to place the greenery and stems on an angle. 
  • Once you've placed a little bit of greenery and a few of your beautiful roses, start to get creative and place the other flowers in the vase as well. Alternate between roses, greenery and your other white flowers until the arrangement looks the way you like.


So how long before your event can you make your arrangement? Really this depends on how fresh you want your arrangements to look at your gathering. Really, two days is a good rule though. Keep refreshing water daily for the freshest look.